The Homegrown History Behind 4Rustic Lighting
September 7, 2018
Rustic Style Versus Farmhouse/Industrial Style
September 7, 2018

Top 5 Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Lighting

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are normally used to light more personal spaces like bedrooms. If you use these types of lights in an outdoor gathering area, however, they will create a much more intimate, personal feel where the family can relax and enjoy themselves.

We carry lighting designs that utilize animal and plant silhouettes, making it perfect for a rustic-style home. Our warm ceiling lanterns with their intricate animal and tree silhouette designs will make your patio a cozy place.

If you want a more industrial style of farmhouse lighting, however, our flush and semi-flush ceiling lights will lend a classy feel that fits more in line with the farmhouse style.


Chandeliers create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, so this type of lodge lighting is sure to turn your backyard into a cozy place worthy of hosting night-time garden parties.

Our Westport-style chandeliers offer a simple elegance to any outside gathering area, while our Ravenwood and Perryton-style fixtures offer a more industrial, robust look. Each of these styles is perfectly fit for a farmhouse-type home.

We boast several nature-inspired chandeliers with many designs featuring silhouettes of trees, mountain ranges, or animals around its perimeter, lending a more rustic feel to your backyard.

Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights create smaller, concentrated points of light. These types of lights are used more in areas where you work often, though, when used for outdoor areas, they can also create a more personalized environment perfect for night-time parties.

Because they are light fixtures suspended by a cord, chain, or metal pole, they offer a more industrialized feel than a rustic one.

We offer some whimsical outdoor lighting designs, including a Vortex Exterior pendant light, where a sheet of metal wraps around the light in a vortex shape to create a fun atmosphere for any party. We also offer classier designs with our range of hanging lanterns.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are more decorative in nature than the other types of lodge lighting listed above, but they also serve to create an overall warm glow to any patio or gathering area.

For those who have a farmhouse-industrial style home, we offer a wide variety of wall fixtures and sconces. In particular, our line of maritime lanterns particularly evokes an era long past, while our Mendocino-style wall lights provide a classy glow over your patio.

For those who want a more rustic look, we also offer numerous nature-inspired sconces and lodge lighting structures you can use. Again, these rustic lights have animal and plant-inspired silhouette designs.

Post Mount Lights

Post mount lights cast a soft, dreamy glow over your garden, and are also decorative pieces in their own rights. Typically, these lights are mounted on a metal poles and are reminiscent of industrial street lamps. This type of outdoor lighting fits more with a farmhouse-style home than a rustic one.

We boast a good number of highly-stylized post mount lanterns as well as numerous, elegant post mount lanterns that will give your garden a nice, homegrown feel.