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September 24, 2018
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March 4, 2019

Best Lighting Ideas for Home Offices

Home offices are quite the versatile space. It is both a place to take care of important tasks and a place to relax by your computer. As such, finding the right type of lighting for these spaces is crucial.

Too little light may affect your productivity and even hurt your vision in the long run. After all, how are you supposed to work in a space where you must strain your eyes all the time? Too much light can make your home office seem too much like your office at work, depersonalizing this space to the point where it is difficult to relax.

You will want to find the right balance between function and comfort.

Desk Lamps

Typically, small desk lamps can help create this functional yet comfortable atmosphere. These not only provide soft, concentrated light suitable for working under, but are also nice decoration pieces when not in use in the daytime. Our Park Designs-brand lamps come in a variety of styles that are suitable for both rustic and farmhouse-industrial style homes. They also offer stylish floor lamps if you do not have the space for a smaller one for your desk.

Space Savers

Hanging pendant lights and wall sconces are also good alternative lighting structures to use if space becomes an issue (or if you want your office to have a more minimalistic appeal). Used together, these structures can provide enough task lighting to help you focus on your work as well as provide nice ambient lighting that will allow you to relax.

Hanging Lights

Typically, down-hanging pendants provide more concentrated points of light that help you to focus on the tasks at hand. Because they hang on cords or metal poles, they offer a more industrial look, and thus are suited to farmhouse-industrial-style homes than simple rustic lodges. Laurel Lodge Bronze offers simple, yet elegant hanging pendants that are perfect for any home office. If you are really pressed to find a rustic-style hanging pendant light, however, Black Sierra offers a few simple choices that can spruce up any rustic home office.

Wall Lights

Wall sconces offer a warm glow over any space and help create a relaxed ambience that will help you to unwind after taking care of your work. Our Vegas-brand sconces are more rustic in design, mimicking the soft glow that this style should encompass. If you want a more industrial-style sconce, however, our Austin collection offers some simple wall sconce designs as well.

Styling Tips

You will want to hang your pendant lights in the center of your office at least 6 feet above the floor. This will provide you with an even distribution of task lighting throughout the room. Put your wall sconces in any space in your home office that you want to accentuate in some way. Make sure the light from these sconces also reflects off of the ceiling as well, as this will help to build a relaxing ambience.

LED lighting is highly recommended for home offices, as it does not emit as much heat as other bulbs do. The heat from such bulbs may make you sleepy, which in turn, may affect your ability to focus.