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September 7, 2018
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October 9, 2018

Best Lighting Ideas for Dining Rooms

When lighting your dining room, you will want to create a relaxed atmosphere that invites your guests or your family to sit down and have a good time while they eat.


The best type of lighting structures to use for dining rooms are typically small chandeliers or hanging pendant lights. Small chandeliers hanging over the table will create a classy atmosphere that will draw people’s attention to the center of the room, right where the food will be. Chandeliers give off low amounts of light, which will create an almost candlelight effect when dining at night. This low light helps set that relaxed mood you want to go for when lighting your dining room. Yellowstone Bozeman offers a nice selection of chandeliers that will compliment any rustic dining room, while Kichler Lighting offers chandeliers that fit more with a farmhouse-industrial style home.

Hanging Lights

Hanging pendant lights focus points of light downward, making them ideal lighting structures for anyplace you work often. These lights tend to look more farmhouse-industrial than rustic. You can hang multiple pendant lights over your dining table to complement the shape of the table as well as the food you will be putting on it. These lights tend to be much brighter than chandeliers, though you can easily install a dimming switch for these lights to create a soft, warm glow over the table.

Wall Lights

If you want your dining room to have more functional lighting style, however, you can layer your dining room with a combination of different lighting structures. Typically, chandeliers and wall sconces create more of an elegant atmosphere, while a combination of pendant lights and recess lights will lend a more industrial feel to your dining room. You may even choose to use a chandelier that uses LED lights, which offer much brighter lighting than normal chandeliers. Yellow Bozeman also makes quaint wall sconces that perfectly complement their rustic chandeliers while Hinkley Lighting creates more industrial style sconces and hanging pendants.

Styling Tips

The shape of your lights should generally match the shape of your table. For instance, if you have a rectangular dining table, you should use a rectangular or square-shaped lighting structure to match the aesthetic of the room. Kichler Lighting provides some elegant rectangular and square-shaped chandelier structures as well as some stylish mini pendants for you to hang above your dining table. Sharp shapes tend to fit more with a farmhouse-industrial style home, after all.

Rounder shapes tend to be more in line with the warm nature of a rustic style home. Therefore, if you have a round dining table, you should get a round lighting structure to match. Yellow Bozeman’s round chandeliers with animal silhouette design, for example, are perfect for any rustic home.

Keep in mind that all dining room lights should be at least 12 inches smaller than the table in all directions, and should be hung over the center of your dining table. This ensures a pleasing, symmetrical look to the room as well as an even distribution of light.