The Homegrown History Behind 4Rustic Lighting

We are the Official Home of 4Rustic Lighting has been a family-owned rustic lighting business since 2001, way before Google even had the term “rustic lighting” as a keyword in their searches! Going eighteen years strong (and counting), we pride ourselves in offering the very best in quality rustic lighting, farmhouse lighting, and a large variety of other types of lodge lighting, along with the best in quality customer service.

When we say our staff is like a family, it is not a gracious exaggeration by any means. Our entire staff is, in fact, comprised of my very supporting and loving family, all of whom are very dedicated to this business and well-equipped to assist you with any and all of your rustic lighting needs.

A Family Affair

While building our own family home in Big Bear Lake nearly twenty years ago, my husband and I became frustrated with the lack of good lighting options that could properly illuminate our new rustic-style home to our liking.

After much research (as well as working with the talented local artists in the Big Bear Lake community), we were able to finally create the look we wanted.

The housing market in our small town was booming at the time and a great need for unique lighting and rustic decor suddenly became in demand. Excited to share our newly-expanded stock of artistic lighting structures, my husband and I then set out to find a location for what would be the only lighting showroom in Big Bear Lake, California.

We finally settled on turning an old house into our extensive showroom. This house was an absolutely perfect fit for our business model. We wanted the showroom to feel as if our customers were walking into their very own rustic homes, and, after much remodeling, it certainly felt that way! We worked hard to make the showroom as warm, welcoming, and cozy as any actual rustic home could be.

Our sales counter is made from old ironwood that my husband had attached to a log post. In fact, my husband laid a lot of the groundwork himself, taking inspiration from the rugged wilderness around our town where he saw it. And boy, did Big Bear Lake inspire him!

Building up our business definitely became a family affair. We even put our small grandchildren to work. After fitting them in some old clothing that we had no problem with them mucking up, as kids often do, we handed them a roller each and had them paint away. By the end of the day, they were covered from head to toe in splashes of color, but at least they had a blast painting all of the ceiling grids in our showroom that our rustic chandeliers would eventually hang from.

Moving our products in became quite the adventure as well. Everything was ready to be hung. While my husband and son-in-law hung all the lighting fixtures up, my daughter installed all the wall sconces, and my grandchildren hauled in every product with care in their little wagons. By the end of the week, we were all exhausted but very gratified with the results.

This was my dream come true. I told my husband I would do this until I didn’t love it anymore. We opened the store in back in 2001 and, eighteen years later, I’m still loving it.

My family also continues to be a big part of 4Rustic Lighting’s business practices. My granddaughter now works in our Internet department and my niece diligently handles all the paperwork and bookkeeping.

The Right Lighting and You

I am always amazed at how the right type of lighting alone can create the most welcoming and inviting mood in a home. It may seem like such a small facet of creating the overall atmosphere, but, what most people do not even realize is that, when entering a home, restaurant, or any other warm and friendly place, it is the lighting that creates that relaxed, welcoming feeling they crave.

Our LED lighting uses up less energy than other types of lighting, which helps the environment greatly. After all, the rustic style is inspired by nature, so it is only right that our lighting also helps to save it!

Keep in mind that rustic-farmhouse lighting, much like any other lighting style, is dependent on what kind of lighting you want, where you want these types of lighting to be used, and how much or how little light you want each of your fixtures to emit. You must be careful which LED bulb you choose when setting up your new home. You do not want to use the same bulb in your laundry room to be the same type you use in your dining room or your living room. But that is a whole other subject we can explore together later.


This business has been built on hard work, long hours, an honest approach, and a desire to be the best we can be. We are efficient and care about your experience while shopping online or in our store. We are small but mighty, and would love for you to come up to Big Bear Lake and visit our store or to shop online from the comfort of your own home!